Orthodontc appliances

We offer the service of making orthodontic appliances according to the principle of the IAS Academy, a global community of top teachers and colleagues, with one common goal to enable dentists to confidently treat their patients with the best and most ethical treatment options. Their main guideline is conservative dentistry, which they advocate by teaching, mentoring and supporting their delegates in their work in the field of orthodontics and restorative dentistry.

The philosophy of the IAS Academy leads you into the safe and predictable field of orthodontics. IAS offers a range of excellent orthodontic solutions that will cover a wide range of therapies that you can also offer to your patients as a general dentist.

Every certified dentist of the IAS Academy can offer orthodontic solutions in their practice with the help of two aesthetically removable orthodontic appliances. You can obtain the certificate by attending a practical course at the authorized Interdent training center.