About us

Interdent Milling Center provides professional milling and 3D printing for dental laboratories from all over the European Union and provides you with affordable and reliable milled or printed constructions.

With our range of services, we enable your dental laboratory to take full advantage of all the currently available digital working processes in the dental industry without additional investment, thus reducing your costs and, most importantly, improving the quality and productivity of your work.


Interdent milling center is distinguished by: 

We provide you with high-precision technology, both for design and for the implementation and use of certified products with a LOT number for traceability.

Simple high-tech process. You can send the STL format or a properly prepared physical model to the Interdent milling center.

Different materials in different thicknesses are available for different indications. Material: CoCr, Ti5, Zr, Zr HT, Zr Multilayer and Smile Multilayer, PMMA and PMMA Multilayer, Pink, Transparent and X-ray, glass-ceramics, lithium disilicate,…

Open system
We can accept files from various systems, which provide an export in STL format.

A STL file or model that arrives by 12:00 AM is processed within 48 hours. Not valid for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Delivery time is stated in the price list and depends on the general conditions of the delivery service.

If you want to send the file in STL format, you can place an order via the online order or by e-mail to cadcam@interdent.cc. To order a scanning and designing of the physical model, this must be sent to the address: Interdent d.o.o., Rezkalni center, Opekarniška cesta 26, 3000 Celje, Slovenia.

For the price list of our services, send us a request on cadcam@interdent.cc or call a telephone number:

+386 3 425 62 43

+386 3 425 62 00

+386 41 391 817 - mobile number