Clear Smile Aligner

The ClearSmile aligner dental brace is made of hard, clear plastic that sits nicely on the teeth. Because it is almost invisible through therapy, it does not affect the patient’s self-esteem. Transparencies today are by far the most convenient and discreet solutions to suit the lifestyle of your patients.

The ClearSmile aligner is easy to remove and insert back after eating and cleaning.

The ClearSmile aligner does not need brackets or wires to create its magic, making it one of the most comfortable dental appliances that works in a natural way.

Your ClearSmile Lab, together with you, digitally plans each individual tooth movement, ensuring predictable end results.


Clear Smile Aligner is a removable device for aligning the front 6 - 8 teeth and works on the principle of a series of precisely made transparent foils that move the teeth. Each new removable foil brings the teeth closer to the desired position. Patients can visualize the goal of their therapy using 3D models. Therapy lasts somewhere between 6 and 18 months. Each ClearSmile aligner foil is worn for about 10 days then the appliance is replaced. In each phase, the teeth are gradually repositioned to the desired position.

Both clinical research and satisfied patients show that transparent appliances are among the most effective solutions to achieve a perfect smile with straight teeth. ClearSmile aligners are used in practice to solve a wide range of orthodontic problems.