Individual abutments - Aurum base, up to 25º inclination

The Aurum base is a factory-made partial abutment, a prefabricated product that already has a factory-milled connection to the implant. In the field of retention work, a secondary part is formed, which after production is bonded or. merged with the titanium base. Thus a hybrid abutment is formed. Unlike the classic titanium base, which is screwed below 0 ° of inclination, the inclination of Aurum base can be corrected up to 25 °.

We have two options for making the secondary part:

  • Secondary part as a classic crown, which is bonded with a titanium base and through which a classic crown is made for the cementing technique (the crown is without a screw hole)
  • Secondary part as a finished crown, which is bonded directly to the titanium base after production (the crown has an occlusal hole for the screw)


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