Implant supported Crowns and Bridges

First-class and aesthetic materials, as well as modern milling technology, are the perfect combination that ensures optimal accuracy of all manufactured structures, regardless of their indication and choice of material. The exceptional fit, excellent aesthetics and smooth surface of the milled products offer you immediate further use immediately after the milling process is completed, with almost no additional processing.

The design of the constructions themselves is completely adapted to your wishes and needs and is completely individualized. In addition to the basic design, various extensions and attachments can be added to it at your request.

As part of the individualized offer, we also offer the production of upgrades over implants from implant system manufacturers who do not themselves offer original digital solutions.


  • Full anatomical constructions - monolithic constructions for individualization with glaze stains
  • Partially reduced constructions - "Cut Back" reduction for partial application of ceramics
  • Fully reduced constructions - classic constructions for full veneering with ceramics
  • Toronto bridges with gingival design - monolithic, reduced or partially reduced
  • Preparations for combined works - monolithic, reduced or partially reduced
  • Telescopic and conical crowns - primary or secondary

Different options