Glass ceramics

Glass-ceramics is a durable material with excellent clinical performance, in which the superior play of colors and light ensures the superior aesthetics of all types of solo restaurations. It is also distinguished by good polishing properties and abrasiveness of the enamel-like surface, as well as excellent integration into the tooth substance and between the remaining teeth.

VITABLOCS are one of the first glass-ceramic blocks on the market and their success has been supported by numerous clinical studies.

They can be polished, glazed or individualized with suitable ceramics.


We mill from materials:

VITABLOCS Mark II, monochromatic, available in 10 colors according to VITA Clasical or 3D Master shade guide.

VITABLOCS TriLuxe forte, with color gradient, available in 3 colors according to VITA 3D Master or. 4 colors according to the VITA Classical shade guide.

VITABLOCS RealLife, polychromatic, with integrated 3D structure of the dentin core, available in 6 colors according to the VITA 3D Master shade guide.