Zirconium-reinforced glass-ceramic is available in the form of monochromatic blocks in two levels of transparency in different colors according to the classic and 3D Master VITA Shade Guide. They are suitable for crowns on posterior and anterior teeth, for crowns on implants, veneers and other solo restorations.

It is contraindicated on all patients with poor oral hygiene, inappropriate preparation, insufficient amount of remaining natural teeth, insufficient space, in case of any malfunctions, it is neither recommended for bridges or veneers on molars.

In order to ensure the clinical success of VITA SUPRINITY PC restorations, it is necessary to observe the minimum thicknesses of the restorations, and to apply only VITA VM11 ceramics that have been specially designed for application to these blocks.

  • Anterior crowns: incisal 1.5mm, circular 1.2mm, crown tip apex 1.0mm
  • Posterior crowns: fissures 1.0mm, tips 1.5mm, circular 1.5mm
  • Inlays, onlays, partial crowns: fissures 1.0 mm, tips 1.0 mm
  • Veneers: incisal 0.7mm, labial 0.6mm, tip-tip scales 0.4mm