Unique hybrid ceramic with a dual ceramic-polymer network structure that combines the best properties of ceramic and composite. Available in three levels of transparency and 10 colors according to the VITA 3D master shade guide and as a multicolor version with a natural color gradient of 6 colors.

Enamic is less brittle than pure ceramic and is more resistant to abrasion than the composite. Compared to silicate ceramics, restorations can be milled with very thin walls, making it particularly suitable for minimally invasive restorations. It provides very accurate milling results, thanks to the exceptional stability of the material in the marginal area. Like silicate ceramics, it can be etched with hydrofluoric acid. With the help of an adhesive technique, it provides a firm and lasting bond with the tooth base. It can also be easily glued with self-adhesive composites.

VITA ENAMIC is suitable for manufacture of fully anatomical, aesthetic solo restorations, if the preconditions for the adhesive or self-adhesive gluing technique are met. Recomended indications are: anterior and posterior crowns, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers. Due to its elasticity, it is particularly suitable for crowns on implants and endodontic crowns.

Contraindications are: bridges and any restorations on a patient with bruxism.

In order to ensure the clinical success of VITA ENAMIC restorations, the following minimum preparation guidelines must be followed:

  • Anterior crowns: incisal 1.0mm, circular 0.8mm
  • Posterior crowns: occlusal 1.0mm, circular 0.8mm
  • Inlays: occlusal 1.0mm
  • Onlays: occlusal 1.0mm
  • Veneers: incisal 0.3mm, labial 0.3mm, cervical 0.2mm

The shade of the VITA ENAMIC restoration can be easily adjusted or individualized with special VITA ENAMIC STAINS colors. The surface must be seald with a special varnish afterwors. A special VITA ENAMIC STAINS KIT with six shades and accessories is available for this purpose.