CC DISK PEEK are discs made of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) material, suitable for milling structures, individual abutments, denture bases and root pins.

Indications of PEEK material:

  • 4-unit bridge with up to 2 links in the posterior region
  • 6-unit bridge with up to 2 links in the anterior region
  • Partial removable dentures
  • Telescopic works and secondary crowns
  • Temporary individual build-ups and build-ups for healing in the anterior area
  • Fixed dentures over 4 implants
  • Reinforcement of total dentures (in the area of the alveolar ridge)
  • Maryland bridges, inlay-supported units
  • Root pins
  • Endo-crowns


  • where the minimum dimensions of prosthetic replacements cannot be achieved,
  • where there is a likelihood of an allergic patient reaction,
  • bruxism.

Apply a bond (such as to the finished surface according to the manufacturer's instructions and then apply a composite material suitable for PEEK.