Individual abutments - premilled

The Ti or CoCr cylinder has, on the one side, a factory-made connection for the implant, and on the other side, we produce a completely individual abutment with the help of milling technology. This system allows us to design the entire abutment with a single design, which is milled, and then a crown made of an aesthetic material, such as e.g. multilayer zircon or ceramic. This is a simple procedure, the main advantage of which is the abutment made of one piece, and the disadvantage is that it is made of metal, which affects the aesthetics of the final result.

In our milling & print center we use premill abutments from the manufacturer DESS - Dental Smart Solutions, which are compatible with the following implant systems:

  • NobelActive® NobelReplace® CC
  • Nobel Replace SelectTM
  • NobelBranemark®
  • 3i Osseotite®
  • 3i Certain®
  • Straumann® Soft Tissue Level & synOCTA®
  • Straumann® Bone Level
  • Zimmer Abutmentschrauben-vent®
  • Astra Tech Implant SystemTM EV
  • Astra Tech OsseospeedTM
  • Dentsply friadent® XIVE®
  • Ankylos® C/X
  • Osstem® TS
  • Camlog®
  • Conelog®
  • Biohorizons®
  • MIS® Seven
  • Megagen AnyRidge®
  • Medentis ICX®
  • Dentium SuperlineTM & Implantium®


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Dentium SuperlineTM & Implantium® All products comply with ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 and the CE mark of Class IIb products.