Zirconium Oxide

Zirconium oxide is intended for the manufacture of highly aesthetic prosthetic replacements. Due to the excellent refraction of light and the transparency of colors similar to the natural color of the tooth, it has made a real revolution in dentistry in recent years. In addition, zirconia is also characterized by exceptional mechanical resistance and biocompatibility.

In addition to aesthetics, we also ensure high accuracy and color harmony of monolithic milled parts or parts intended for further veneering with appropriate veneering materials.

The discs comply with the EN ISO 6872 standard.


We mill from material:

CC Disk Zr, hardness 1400 +/- 100 MPa

CC DISK Zr HT, hardness 1250 +/- 100 MPa, translucence 43 %.

CC DISK Zr HT Multilayer, hardness 900-1100 MPa, translucence 46 % in a color gradient. 

CC DISK Zr SMILE Multilayer, hardness 600-900 MPa, translucence 49 % in a color gradient.