Total and partial prosthesis

Really affordable and effective printed total dentures.

Long-term biocompatible resins of class II enable us to accurately and reliably produce 3D printed total dentures. The production of digital dentures is easily introduced into the traditional clinical protocol and is at the same time ready for completely digital work processes.

Printed dentures provide accurate and reproducible high-quality results, as a directly printed denture means fewer steps and less variability, and thus a more consistent workflow that uncompromisingly ensures a quality end product.

An exceptional advantage of printed dentures is also the simplified and, above all, fast processing process, which is repeatable. The design of a digital denture can be used, divided, changed and, most importantly, easily reproduced with 3D printing.
Even digital denture teeth are perfectly customized and custom designed for your patients.



Digital Denture Base Resin is used to make final and test prostheses

Digital Denture Teeth Resin is used to make teeth for total and partial dentures