The 3D printed model represents a step forward in everyday practice and provides a fast and simplified process of creating a working model for each indication.

1. Design and production of the model from the sent scan:

  • Non-detachable models of all kinds
  • Demountable models; Geller system
  • Demountable models; Baumann Model System 2000 Evo

Available in all model designs:

  • Making a hollow or solid model
  • Adding articulator attachments
  • Adding an extruded or intruded inscription
  • Supported resolutions between 25µm and 160µm (Dental model and Gray resin)
  • Supported resolutions between 100µm and 200µm (Draft resin)


2. Making a model from a sent, ready-made design.

  • In this case, we print all possible indications, as the design has already been made by you. It is only necessary to send the .stl of the designed model and your order may be printed.


Model Resin is ideal for printing crown and bridge models, aligner models, orthodontic models, diagnostic models, implant models.

Grey Resin is designed to print orthodontic models and aligner models.

Draft Resin the resin is intended for printing low-resolution models, such as study models, orthodontic models.